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baby banana

intense, sweet and delicious flavor


Our banana is between 8 and 15 cm long. Skin color is indicative of

its degree of maturity.

The presence of black or brown spots and dots on the skin does not affect the quality.


Keep them in a cool, dry place and protected from direct sunlight.

If they are kept in the refrigerator, the peel turns black, thus altering its external appearance, but this does not affect its nutritional quality or taste at all.


hoja dibujada.png

The most representative nutrients are potassium, magnesium, folic acid ; as

that its high fiber content and its vitamin C content.


Rich in nutrients that are super beneficial for health

High levels of potassium, sucrose, fructose, and glucose

Our bananas provide energy for the body


bananito entero.png

The best way is to eat the fresh banana, directly.

Due to its nutritional value, size and sweet taste,  It is a perfect snack for children and babies.
It can be consumed alone, in fruit salads, desserts, cereals or smoothies.

availability all year

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