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 we not only produce and sell fruits, we produce and sell a purpose

Since 1992 we have worked to promote the development of the field in Colombia through the production and commercialization of fresh fruits, always of the best quality.

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We grow our fruits on our own farms  or from the hand of allied producers  and with our associations  of small producers, focusing on  always in social responsibility and good agricultural practices, using methods that are friendly to the environment and the end consumer, thus complying with the use of established MRLs (maximum residue limits).

Proof of this are our social certifications and many years of working with wholesalers, retailers and supermarkets in Europe, Canada, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East.

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For more than 25 years, responsibility, respect and transparency have been fundamental for us in the construction of  long-term relationships with all the people involved in each step of our processes.


We like to be in a constant search for new long-term allies

around the world with our same values to continue leading our

products to more people, maintaining our high-quality production, working conscientiously and thus continue  contributing to a better quality of life for  the

farmers  and the Colombian fields.

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