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simple on the outside and exotic on the inside

The passion fruit belongs to the passion fruit family.

Its orange peel is strong, thick and smooth. The pulp consists of small black, edible seeds covered with a juicy, crystalline and transparent jelly-like texture.

Its flavor is sweet and its aroma is charming.
Its appearance and exquisite flavor have led it to be part of the Premium international markets.

granadilla cortada.png


The best granadillas are the heaviest, with a firm and shiny skin.  In a cool place, they can be kept for about 5 days.  Refrigerated they can last several days  keeping all its characteristics intact, in addition to being delicious cold. 


hoja dibujada.png

The passion fruit has a high antioxidant content and is a great source of minerals  and vitamins 

B1, B2, C and provitamin A. It is an excellent source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and fiber, protein and carbohydrates


It is very effective as a laxative

Can be used as a natural tranquilizer

Stimulate digestion

Cut or open the crust to expose the juicy and colorful interior  The seeds are consumed with the pulp. . It can be eaten directly or it can be used as an ingredient in juices, ice cream, desserts, and salads. 


granadilla dibujada.png

availability all year

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