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considered as a super food, it is the ideal snack

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Of American origin, native to the Andes, it has excellent nutritional properties that are transmitted between generations and cultures.  The cape gooseberry is considered an exotic fruit, it is characterized by its acidic and sweet taste. It is a round, yellow, sweet and small fruit, it comes wrapped in a protective shell, which is called capacho. The Colombian cape gooseberry is characterized by having a better color and higher sugar content, characteristics that make it more palatable in markets around the world.


The fresh fruit has a bright and firm skin with an intense color, a soft and delicious aroma.  They should be kept clean and dry, they can be refrigerated in a container, preferably uncovered


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It is a source of vitamins A, B and C, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. ½ cup of cape gooseberry is equivalent to 1 serving of fruit, so it can be eaten daily.


Low calorie

Helps the formation of collagen

Activates the immune system


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If the cape gooseberry is inside its basket, it must be removed since it is not

It is ideal to consume it fresh and directly.

Its small internal seeds are edible.
It is used to prepare juice, ice cream, yogurt, glazes, and chutneys.

Its high pectin content makes it ideal for jams and sauces. 

availability all year

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